The Buzz on Quarantine

We are facing unprecedented Quarantines due to the spread of the CoronaVirus (COVID – 19) at this point in history.

Here at Quarantine Buzz our desire is to assist with the flow of factual information as it relates to the current quarantines, future ones, and even dive some into historical events as they relate to the quarantining of the population.

The articles we will be posting herein are about these events. Please feel free to send us information as it relates to the quarantines that are in effect as we speak. EMAIL US HERE This website and several others are part of the CoronaVirus Project of GTKYF TECH Group, and GTKYF Media Group, programs of GTKYF Foundation Inc. Our desire is to facilitate a FREE and OPEN Press. As we believe inherently in the freedom of press being paramount to FREEDOM and believe it is the presses responsibility to provide factual, accurate, and timely information. Not bought and paid for propaganda, like much of the main stream news availible today.

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